Radiant Global Logistics

Meet Our Team

Wondering who the magic is behind it all? Here's the lineup and some lesser known facts on our super stars at Radiant PIT:


Bonnie Knoedler: Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region

Bonnie LOVES Sushi, being with her son Drew, watching him play basketball and traveling.

Amy Denzen: Senior Vice President of Operations, DCA/PIT

As our resident Minnesotan, Amy gets a kick out of watching the company overreact to the cold weather in DC. You mean 2 inches of snow isn't supposed to bring traffic to a screeching halt?!?! 

Meghan Hayes-Glorioso: Director of Business Development

Meghan is the second oldest and shortest (coming in at 4’10”) of 5 kids.  Originally from Queens, NY, Meghan knows a good bagel and slice of pizza!!  These days Meghan is a hard-working, hard-loving wife to her soulmate, and mother to a son she can’t get enough of!  When not developing new business, Meghan loves to cook, spend time with her big family, doing DIY house projects, shopping, and relaxing with a cup of coffee and a great movie!



Diane Shutey: Domestic Operations Manager

Diane grew up on a farm with her identical twin sister, so she's used to working hard ALL the time. She said they didn't have many photos growing up, so we are lucky to have this one! 

John Morton: Domestic Operations

John is the youngest of 4 and his dad would line all 4 children up every quarter for haircuts. This is probably the only time he's ever had a bow tie on.

Cory Dolgos: Domestic Operations

A wise man once said wearing a Hawaiian shirt, you don’t ever come across as offensive.  Nobody sees you as a threat. You see someone in a Hawaiian shirt, and you are like this guy is ready to party.  For Cory that could not be further from the truth.  The second youngest of 4 children Cory prefers a nice night in front of the fire reading his favorite book or watching hockey.  He also continues to play hockey and drive the Zamboni.



Christian Brown: Area Sales Manager

Don't they say 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away??' Christian takes that to heart ;-) 
His favorite animal is an armadillo and likes anything deep fried (who doesn't, right?). He DOESN'T like romantic comedies and enjoys quantum physics and the Anthrocon Convention. One of our most eclectic employees ;-)