Radiant Global Logistics

Meet Our Team

Wondering who the magic is behind it all? Here's the lineup and some lesser known facts on our super stars at Radiant DCA:


Bonnie Knoedler: Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region

Bonnie LOVES Sushi, being with her son Drew, watching him play basketball and traveling.

Amy Denzen: Senior Vice President of Operations, DCA/PIT

As our resident Minnesotan, Amy gets a kick out of watching the company overreact to the cold weather in DC. You mean 2 inches of snow isn't supposed to bring traffic to a screeching halt?!?! 

Meghan Hayes-Glorioso: Director of Business Development

Meghan is the second oldest and shortest (coming in at 4’10”) of 5 kids.  Originally from Queens, NY, Meghan knows a good bagel and slice of pizza!!  These days Meghan is a hard-working, hard-loving wife to her soulmate, and mother to a son she can’t get enough of!  When not developing new business, Meghan loves to cook, spend time with her big family, doing DIY house projects, shopping, and relaxing with a cup of coffee and a great movie!


Oksana Larchenko: International Operations Manager

Born in the USSR, Oksana grew up in the Ukraine and Russia, but now lives in the United States. Never give up, keep rolling - Mars is calling.

Kevin Baylor: International Operations

Kevin is a very simplistic person. He doesn’t need much excitement. That’s why when he is working here at ADCOM, you can totally find him engrossed in the task at hand of managing and coordinating international shipments with intense focus :) Away from work he enjoys basketball, working out, and playing video games.

Angela Sattar: International Billing

Angela was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Although she’s lived here her whole life, she has traveled to 10 countries and still counting! She appreciates art, poetry, video games, and she also makes music. She believes her purpose in life is to explore, inspire, and be as multifaceted as she can be.

Heather Evans: ​International Operations Specialist

Originally from Charlotte, NC.  She enjoys running and spending time with her husband and son.  She also LOVES dogs.

Karen Leonard​: International Operations Specialist

Though born in upstate New York, Karen grew up in Colombia South America among a warm and happy people nestled in the beautiful Andes mountains. She studied Business and worked for a multi-national oil services company in international trade. Now back in Virginia when not spending time with her college aged daughters, she continues to enjoy working in imports & exports getting shipments where they need to be on time!


Steve Robinette: Director of Domestic Operations

This is Steve at 2 1/2 years old. What you can't see is that he's riding a horse - a plastic horse. He could not afford a real horse, so he had to ride a plastic one. The good news is that he never had to feed the plastic one :-)

Diana Grippo: Operations Manager/ Domestic Operations

Diana was born and raised in the northern VA /D.C area, which means that she is an authentic DC sports team fan!  She is quite adventurous and loves a good challenge. She enjoys traveling, cooking (especially Italian food), music, watching/playing sports, fine cuisine, writing, and beaches. She is an eternal optimist and an avid cat lover as well (as you can tell by her pic).

Jonathan (JP) Hoover: Manager-Raw Asset Recovery/White Glove Services

JP got this nickname from his late grandfather. The youngest of 3 boys, he grew up in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania.  Logistics has been in his blood for generations. His grandfather drove a tractor trailer his whole life, and as a kid he would tag along every summer for a week. With his grandpa he learned the business from the passenger side of a Mack Truck, and by the age of 11 he had traveled 23 of the 50 states. JP enjoys every second he has with his wife and son, a weekend warrior, he enjoys hiking difficult and challenging terrains, fishing, and just being outdoors. His life’s motto: “Nothing good ever comes easy, you have to go get it on your own”.

Lorean Jacobs: Domestic Operations

Lorean is originally from Hampton Roads in Virginia, so her first love is the beach (we can't blame her for that!). She is a mother to the sweetest Yorkie you'll ever see - named Dolce - and has a passion for Astrology.

Mervin Lyle: Domestic Operations Specialist​

I was born in sunny Jamaica, West Indies in the Caribbean. I was once part of an R&B group in the 90’s, so music is a big part of my life. I now sing and play in a praise band at my church. I love all things music, and try and catch live concerts and music festivals when I can. I love to cook and entertain my friends, I love to draw whenever I get the chance. I’m also one of the biggest comic book and Star Wars geeks, just ask me anything and you’ll see.​

Andrew Nganje: Domestic Operations​ Specialist

Andrew Nganje was born in Cameroon from a family of five boys and one girl. Growing up from a small fishing community, Andrew always loved the sea. He will go out fishing with his dad, and swimming with his brothers. His love for the sea pushed him to study international business, where here later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in logistics and a master’s degree in shipping.  Andrew now lives in the US with his wife and two kids (boy and a girl).​

Drew Knoedler: Operations Specialist

Drew Knoedler is a gregarious kid. He starred in numerous plays as a young lad, and loves the game of basketball. He enjoys any type of music, lives for adventures and is always pleased to go home to see his two dogs.​

Jenny Chuluun: Domestic Operations Coordinator

Away from work, enjoys drinking green, black herbal teas, practicing mind contemplation, walking ,traveling. Spend time with my family husband 2 kids, watching anime movies, roller/ice skating.

Desmond Labor:

Des was originally born in Sierra Leone, but he's been living in the States for 33 years. He has two beautiful children (a boy and a girl) and enjoys relaxing at home when he's not at work!

Eric Estrada: Driver

Eric was born in the States, but his mom is Panamanian and his dad is from Puerto Rico. He has 3 beautiful daughters and loves to play soccer and watch football!


Keli Davis: Director of Marketing, Tradeshow Division

Keli’s whole family lives in North Carolina and she’s in Northern Virginia, but they couldn't be any closer! She loves college basketball (GO TAR HEELS!), post-apocalyptic fiction, and her two sweet pups – Murphy and Gatlin. 


Shellie Walters: Customer Service Manager

Shellie’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her husband and family.  She is also a self-proclaimed HGTV addict :-)

David Kennedy: Customer Service

As you can see, David fell in love with cars at a very young age! Today he shows it by owning season tickets to Richmond Raceway, making yearly trips to the Indy 500, and pestering exotic car dealerships when he visits to snap absurd amounts of pictures.

Alicia Hamilton: Customer Service

​Alicia Hamilton loves photography; she developed her taste for film at a young age, spending many hours behind the lens of her camera. Another favorite for the Jamaican is the love of the different genres of music. “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. “Bob Marley””  

Alicia believes in giving back to the universe. As such, she generously donates her time and talents to different local church charities. 

Michelle Steen: Customer Service - Assistant Manager

Michelle’s just a Carolina girl, living in a Virginia world who believes that everyone’s mission in life should be to be so busy living their lives that they have no time for hate, regret or fear.  Her personal mission in life is to inspire people to live their best lives and to be the best that they can be.


Tommy Chau: Accounting Manager

Tommy is originally from Hong Kong and plays basketball every chance he gets. He also has the most impressive shoe collection of anyone in the office.

Benjamin Lynch: Accounting Assistant

Benjamin grew up in Alexandria Virginia playing lots of soccer. He is one of four brothers and his favorite food is anything that comes out of the Maine Avenue Fish Market! He loves to travel to different countries all over the world and go on adventures.