The latest extreme weather with Hurricane Ian and its impact on supply chains is ongoing and fluid.

The Radiant Network remains committed to providing our customers with customized supply chain solutions that deliver, whatever the challenge.

The coming days will require expertise in creative solutions for successful movement in and out of affected areas. These updates illustrate the need to ensure your supply chain partner is well versed in both international and domestic out-of-the-box solutions.

The Radiant Network will continue to work with valued customers--past, present and future alike--on providing assistance and problem solving for these current challenges.

If you have questions or concerns with freight or with your supply chain, please reach out to your account executive from the Radiant Network. 

Most importantly, stay safe throughout this event.

This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available. 


Last updated October 3, 2022 at 10am PST

  • Relief and aid information: 
    • The Red Cross is focusing on providing safe shelter, meals and comfort for people facing unimaginable destruction.
    • FEMA is offering aid to survivors. 
    • The Florida Government Response contains updated information for residents. 

  • For real-time updates in South Carolina, continue to check the following resources:
    • General Emergency information on Hurricane Ian in SC. Link contains zone information, shelter locations, disaster plan assistance, and information about delays and closings.
    • SCDOT for road closures and other traffic updates.
    • Real-time updates on the location and status of Hurricane Ian can be found via the National Hurricane Center.
  • For real-time updates in Florida, continue to check the following resources:
  • Supply chain effects from Ian could last for weeks. As Hurricane Ian is poised to hit Florida’s Southwest coast, the risk to manufacturing, agriculture and distribution sectors is rapidly intensifying. Experts are predicting severe disruption to supply chains from power outages, flooding, and wind damage that could stall freight movement through major airports, ports, highways and rail nodes. The storm could impact up to 2,800 manufacturing firms in aerospace, automotive components, heavy machinery, chemicals and plastics, as well as about 7,000 healthcare producers in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and other fields.


Intermodal customers should expect delays for rail traffic into and out of Florida and South Carolina. 


Operational planning is actively underway for rapid restoration of intermodal service and infrastructure once the storm passes. Customers should expect delays for rail traffic into and out of Florida as the storm moves through the region. Until further notice, please be advised of actions at the following intermodal facilities: 

Charleston, SC

    • Inclement weather and high winds are expected to sporadically halt Charleston lift operations. 
    • The Charleston terminal is maintaining normal gate hours.
    • Updates will be provided as necessary dependent upon storm conditions in Charleston.

Terminal updates:

Central Florida ILC: 
    • The CFILC gate is open to all traffic.
    • Reservations are available for traffic destined to CFILC.
    • The Tampa gate is open to all traffic.
    • Reservations are available for traffic destined to Tampa.

At this time, all other intermodal terminals are maintaining normal gate hours. CSX is monitoring the storm and will advise of changes or additional closures. Further updates will be provided as warranted.


Currently, there are no impacted service areas and Norfolk Southern is operating as scheduled. Customers with shipments moving through the southeast and mid-Atlantic should prepare for delays.


  • All Florida and South Carolina ports are open and operational as of this time.


  • Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW): The airport is closed except to emergency personnel and humanitarian flights. The airport will reopen for commercial flights on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Check @RSWAirport for further information.